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Biography of Andy Williams

Andy at age 3
Andy at age 3

In 1986 the best selling novel was Stephen Kings "IT," the top box office hit was "ALIEN" and the #1 song for 1986 was "AND THAT'S WHAT FRIENDS ARE FOR" and Charles Andy Williams was born on February 8, 1986, at Frederick Memorial Hospital, in Frederick, Maryland..Andy weighed in at 7-1/2 pounds and was 22" long. Andy was born about 2 weeks-prematurely by C-section and remained in the hospital for a week before going home with his family.

The first 8 months of his life, Andy lived with his Mom, Dad and his brother Michael in an apartment in Frederick right off the "Golden Mile." In the latter part of 1986 Andy moved with his family to Fort Detrick, home to the US Army Medical Research & Material Command.

Linda, Andy's Mom, was serving in the US Army. In June of 1989, when Andy was about 3 years old, his Mom was assigned to the Middle East. On leave at Christmas Andy's parents decided to divorce. Linda returned to Middle East to complete her assignment and Jeff took care of the boys. In 1990 Jeff and Linda separated and was subsequently divorced. Andy remained with his Dad and his brother Michael went to live with his Mom.

Again Andy and Jeff moved, this time to Hagerstown, Md. The two of them returned to Frederick in 1992 and in 1993 Jeff bought a house in Knoxville, Md. right at the Brunswick City limits. Jeff and Andy settled into their new home and immediately Andy became known at the "kid with the smile.'

Andy attended kindergarten and later attended Brunswick Elementary...Andy was an excellent student and seemed to enjoy school. He made friends easily and became involved in sports. Andy was very active in sports through out his time in Brunswick.

Andy has a passion for baseball
A Passion for Baseball

Here in Maryland, Andy grew up to become a caring and loving person. Surrounded by a circle of caring friends in the very small communities of Knoxville and Brunswick where he and his Dad made a home, a place that Andy loved dearly. Brunswick is a quaint, safe place to grow up. It was here that Andy spent his happiest years, going to school and playing sports. He liked different organized sports and school activities. Friends in Maryland saw Andy as, extremely friendly, personable and always smiling and he always did his best.

He played baseball from 1992-99 with teams from Fort Detrick, PVYA and Brunswick Little League and Jefferson Valley Baseball. From 1994--1999 Andy, played football with Brunswick Railroaders. In 1998, they went to the Super Bowl and the Railroaders won!! In 1993 Andy played soccer on a Ft. Detrick soccer team and he was always ready for a quick pick up game of basketball.

Treasured Possessions

Throughout his school years, in Brunswick he did his best, winning numerous achievement awards...In 1993 he won the SUPER SCIENTIST AWARD for outstanding science project work. He also won the Hardee's Outstanding Achievement Award---his prize was a "Free Cool Twist Cone." He won 2nd place award for the Pass--Punt--and --Kick competition. In 1999, while attending Brunswick Middle School, he was selected as one of the 7th Grade-- Student of the Month. The award, that meant the most to Andy was when he received the "Coaches Award" for the Railroaders football team.

Andy continued to thrive in Brunswick with his friends, sports and school..His best friend Scott, likes to tell the story about the frog and the mouse...It seems he and Andy were walking one day and found a frog in a puddle..Scott hit the frog with a stick and it died..Andy was very upset and made Scott stay there with him to be sure the frog was dead. Andy asked him "How would you feel if a giant frog came by and hit you with a stick and you died"? Scott says that Andy always had a thing about animals. Andy would catch field mice and turn them into pets. Then when they died Andy would make little cardboard coffins for them and he would make Scott attend the funeral he had for his mice. Andy would even make little tombstones for their graves. Many friends tell of the great times they had with Andy..his caring for the elderly and helping carry in groceries and shoveling sidewalks, when the snow would come.

 A Love for Football
A Love for Football

Andy went on to attend Brunswick Middle School and was running for Class President when in 1999 his Dad decided to move to California. Jeff's parents lived in 29 Palms and they decided they wanted to be closer to family and leave all the snow and cold weather behind. Andy did not want to leave Maryland and his friends, but soon after arriving in 29 Palms he was making friends and enjoying spending time with his grandparents.

In the fall of 1999, Andy was enrolled in the 8th grade at 29 Palms Junior High School. Andy was chosen to play Linus in the school production of "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown." Also, while attending 29 Palms School Andy met Brian Burdette and they became the best of friends. Brian suffered from a crippling muscle disease and was frequently bullied by other students. Andy stood up for him and in the short time they had together they both made a difference in each others lives. Jeff and Andy attend 29 Palms Baptist Church and Andy joined the church and the was involved with the youth group there.

In the summer of 2000 Jeff and Andy moved from 29 Palms to Santee, California. Andy was enrolled at Santana High School.. an environment so totally different from Brunswick, Md. Andy never felt wanted or accepted at Santana. In February of 2001, just before Andy's 15th birthday, his friend Brian Burdette, was killed in a bus-related accident.

And then came March 5, 2001--

Andy arrives at Juvenile Hall
Andy arrives at
Juvenile Hall

Andy was taken into custody at Santana High School, questioned by the police and later that evening was transferred to Juvenile Hall. Andy remained at Juvenile Hall until his sentencing on Thursday, August 15, 2002.

While at Juvenile Hall, Andy was a model inmate. He completed 2 years of high school, be came adept in the art of origami and marked his growth on the wall of his one-person cell. When Andy was taken into custody, he was of slight build--5 feet-5-inches tall, 110 pounds. While at Juvenile Hall he grew to nearly 6 feet and about 150 pounds, He spent his time reading and writing letters while the Public Defender unsuccessfully fought to have Prop 21 declared unconstitutional. After the ruling by the Supreme Court, that Prop 21 was constitutional Andy was taken back to court to be tried as an adult.

On June 20, 2002 Andy pled guilty to the charges and his sentencing was set for August 15. On August 15, 2002 Andy was sentenced to 50 years to life and ordered to serve his time in the Youth Offender Program at Tehachapi State Prison until his 18th birthday at which time he would be transferred to adult prison. Andy was given credit for the 529 days that he had served in juvenile Hall, fined $10,000.00 and ordered to pay restitution to the Victims Restitution Fund.

Present for the sentencing were many long time supporters, some from out of state and local supporters, family and friends. That evening a candlelight vigil was held in front of Juvenile Hall to protest Andy being tried and sentenced as an adult. On, Saturday, August 17th Andy was interviewed by Diane Sawyer from Prime Time and according to a spokesperson, for ABC, they received more letters and emails about thatinterview than they ever received about any show they had aired.

On Monday, August 19, Andy was transferred to Tehachapi which is located about 90 miles north of Los Angeles. While at Tehachapi Andy continued to be a model inmate and earned his high school diploma. At Tehachapi Andy was placed with another inmate, Parker. They both did very well and their friendship continues today. They write each other, whenever they can, and both look forward to being reunited someday.

On March 1, 2004 Andy was transferred to adult prison where he continues to be a model inmate, is taking college courses and hope someday to be free.

During the time, that Andy has been incarcerated, he has had the support of his family and friends. He looks forward to their letters, their visits and he calls his family and friends, whenever he can.


The Arraignment
The Sentencing
Andy plea's Guilty
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